What we can offer Borova residential accommodation offers above standard accommodation with comprehensive care through 24 hours. It is aimed primarily for those who have decided to live an active old-age with the security of immediate help in the case of sudden need, but open also to applicants who find themselves lonely and would like to spend their life among friends, a kindred society of similar generation. All this with possibilities to enjoy free-time activities, with active or passive participation according to inclination. Borova residential accommodation  is designed for people with a handicap of 18 yea of age and above. rs However, we also have in mind those who require increased level of care and secondary help. Part of the capacity of the residental accommodation is specifically and comprehensively equipped for these needs.

Are you looking for peace and comfort? Borova residential accommodation creates the right conditions for both!

Do you feel lonely? Dont hesitate, in Borova you will find friends and plenty of activities which we have prepared for you! Exactly the services you need will always be at hand. A personal approach to the needs of all is guaranteed.

Rest home is divided into two departments and both of them are also specially equipped for nursing immobile and sick clients. The aim of all of us is the effort to provide to all our clients to spend the rest of life in the best way and in corresponding standard of living to their satisfaction.  

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