24 hour / 7 days a week – monitoring medical staff

Possibility to visit medical specialist including arrangement of transport (general practitioner, psychiatrist) Organising of repairs and all services (minor repairs in the flat, service of appliances, changing light bulbs, washing and ironing, cleaning and others) Organising of other external services (legal advice, delivery of medicines, etc.)

For your comfort

  • Unrestricted access for less-abled
  • Lift for easy movement
  • Alarm signalling equipment for summoning help in each flat
  • Alcoves created for sitting and refreshments
  • Group visits to theatre and concerts
  • Basic package
  • Cinema in the grounds of the residence

Accommodation in individual flats or two-bed rooms, including provided services (water, heating, rubbish clearance, lighting of all spaces, lift, fee for TV and radio, cleaning of common spaces, etc.)

  • Full board meals 7 days per week
  • security box
  • Cleaning of flat 1 x per week
  • Washing of laundry, ironing
  • Maintenance and minor works to flats
  • Professional supervision by staff 24 hours per day

Possibility of selecting three types of bonuses 1x/month valid in basic mode:

  • Bonus “A”: hydrotherapy, massage;
  • Bonus “B”: hydrotherapy, hairdresser;
  • Bonus “C”: massage, hairdresser,
  • Bonus “D”: a combination of one of the basic service spa pedicure (30 min – hydrotherapy, 30 min massage, hairdressing – cut, blowing)    

Daily Programme (For example)

  • craftwork
  • physiotherapy
  • pottery
  • group excercises
  • cooking and baking
  • board games
  • organisation of educational courses
  • cultural programme in the home
  • organisation of trips and cultural activities
  • 1 x weekly shopping at set time
  • lectures
  • 1 x weekly film projection
  • 1 x weekly general practitioner (GP) visit
  • 1 x monthly specialist doctor (psychiatrist, ear nose and throat, etc )
  • canistherapy
  • group exercise

PERSONAL AFFAIRS CUSTOMER The client is authorized to take all personal belongings facility (including individual electronic equipment) but except furniture. Animals are allowed after previous consultation with the management personnel of the Home. It is also permitted by prior arrangement and comprehensive pet health examination including all accessories (aquarium, bed, etc.).  

Permitted animals:

  • dog
  • cat
  • rabbit
  • rodent (hamster, guinea pig, chinchilla, etc.)
  • fish
  • birds

Pets are allowed only with veterinary examination and including all necessary accessories (aquarium, bed, atc.)

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